CCTV Cameras

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CCTV cameras stands for Closed-Circuit Television They are a wired video camera system. Another term for these types of cameras is video surveillance. This means that they include cameras that are wired into a monitor. CCTV cameras require professional assembly and can even be viewed remotely on a smart phone with proper installation. Depending on the size of the hard drive, the DVR can record up to 3 months of video recording. It can also be configured to overwrite over itself when the memory is completely full. The cameras can support both Digital as well as Analog. CCTV cameras provide a more reliable signal, which results in less drops and interference.

CCTV cameras can be used in both homes and businesses. It is important for a business to install a reliable camera system to prevent against break-ins as well as unruly employees. Cameras allow a business to ensure a safe and steady operation. Homeowners may also want to consider CCTV cameras especially if they have several valuables or children that they want to protect. Cameras can be installed both indoors and outdoors, which can be used to deter criminals. Even if the camera is visible, criminals will be less likely to target that house since they know that the owner has cameras installed. Just the presence of cameras can be enough to deter criminal activity.

CCTV camera options include dome cameras, bullet cameras, and other hidden video cameras. Cameras can support a wide variety of resolutions including 1080P high definition. This is the top resolution available from Spy Spot and results in crystal clear images. The dome camera can be used both indoor and outdoor and has 1080P high definition resolution with night vision. The bullet camera can support a manual zoom and works both indoors and outdoors. Hidden cameras include options such as a smoke detector camera or motion sensor camera. They are disguised to look like an everyday object, but actually record video.

CCTV video cameras allow the user to view cameras from either a smart phone or straight from the monitor. These cameras are ideal for home or office surveillance. Whether you want to monitor a business or monitor the house, CCTV cameras offer a viable solution. Multiple cameras can be connected to a DVR depending on the size of the DVR. For example, a 16 channel DVR will support up to 16 cameras whereas an 8 channel DVR supports 8 cameras. Spy Spot does offer installation for camera systems. Contact us to receive a price quote.