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CCTV is a must in all businesses and homes around , for safety and security of our loved ones. The way we Spy-Spot Surveillance Systems do our business, you our customer gets a free consultant from our CCTV specialist here in Florida who comes to you with no cost and gives you an estimate that fits your needs as well as your budget and lifestyle. Our product will give you peace of mind and an idea of safety and stability.

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Spy Spot Investigations specializes in the sale of surveillance systems as well as installation throughout the South Florida area. Whether you need one camera installed or 32 cameras, Spy Spot has the perfect solution for you. Spy Spot only offers the most advanced technology and has cameras with up to a 1000 TV lines. This is the equivalent of full high definition cameras that contain a high resolution.  The surveillance systems provided support night vision and can even be configured to be viewed right on a smart phone.  Multiple cameras can be connected directly to a monitor for easy viewing. Indoor and outdoor surveillance systems are both provided by Spy Spot Investigations.

Indoor Surveillance Systems

Indoor surveillance systems can include dome cameras, motion sensor cameras, and fire alarm cameras.  Each camera can provide high definition video as well as night vision.  Covert cameras include the motion sensor camera and fire alarm camera since they do not look like a video camera.  They can be placed inside a home or business to provide surveillance.  Security cameras can be installed inside a home, business, office, apartment building, school, or other location.  Multiple indoor cameras of different varieties can be installed and hooked up to a monitor for viewing.  Remote access is available for indoor cameras with a WIFI connection.

Outdoor Surveillance Systems

Outdoor surveillance systems can be configured and consist of the wired dome camera.  The wired dome camera supports 1000 TV lines for high definition video and can be placed anywhere outdoors.  The camera has night vision and just wires into a DVR system.  Spy Spot can install outdoor surveillance systems whether for residential or business purposes as well as other options.  Surveillance systems can be configured through the WIFI as long as a WIFI signal is located near the DVR system.

DVR System With or Without WIFI

Spy Spot offers surveillance systems with or without a hard drive that is used to connect the cameras.  Each camera purchased is connected to a monitor as well as a DVR system that stores the recordings.  DVR systems support up to 2TB of memory, which can store up to 3 months of data.  DVR systems can also be configured for WIFI access by configuring the router to work with the system.  This allows the user to download an app right on a smart phone and monitor the cameras from anywhere around the world.

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Contact Spy Spot today to be provided a full price quote for surveillance systems installation in the South Florida area.  Spy Spot will come out and provide a walkthrough to determine the proper way to install the surveillance systems as well as the necessary equipment needed for the installation.  Custom installations are provided for both residential and commercial properties.

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